1 in 20 Report Psychotic Symptoms

A new study has found that over one in 20 people in the general population have reported experiencing psychotic symptoms. Being male was associated with paranoid thoughts, whereas female gender predicted hallucinatory experiences.

Draft Mental Health Bill: What are People Saying?

On 8th of September the Government published its latest draft Mental Health Bill. The Bill could replace the Mental Health Act 1983 which determines how people can be subject to ‘section’ – compulsory detention and treatment.

Draft Mental Health Bill – “Unjust and Unworkable”

Wales’ leading mental health charity slams the new Mental Health Bill published today by the UK Government.

Hafal, the Welsh charity which provides support to people with severe mental illness and their families, has condemned the latest version of the UK Government’s Mental Health Bill as “Unjust and unworkable”.