Mental Health Bill Committee comes to Cardiff

On 15th December, for the very first time in its history, a pre-legislative Parliamentary Committee of leading MPs and Lords sat at the National Assembly. The Committee came to take evidence on the draft Mental Health Bill and their witnesses included Minister for Health and Social Services, Jane Hutt and David Melding AM, Chairman of the Health and Social Services Committee.

Investigation into healthcare inequalities for people with mental illness

The access people with a mental illness have to GPs, essential health screening services and healthier lifestyle initiatives is to come under the scrutiny of the Disability Rights Commission’s (DRC’s) powers of Formal Investigation.

The DRC’s investigation, which will run for 18 months, will gather evidence on whether primary health services are addressing the significant health inequalities experienced by people with a mental illness and people with learning disabilities.

News Round-up 07/12/04

Doctors are to be given new NICE guidelines for prescribing anti-depressants, following claims that too many are being prescribed to people with mild to moderate depression…

New research published in the British Medical Journal suggests a link between the use of cannabis in adolescence and young adulthood and later psychotic symptoms…

A team of researchers at Imperial College has suggested that discrimination could lead to an increase in mental health problems among gay men, lesbians and bi-sexual men and women…

MENTAL HEALTH BILL: Details of Cardiff evidence session announced

The date for the Cardiff evidence session on the draft Mental Health Bill has been announced. The Committee will take oral evidence in public at the National Assembly at 10:05am on Wednesday 15th December.

Witnesses at the session will include Minister for Health and Social Services Jane Hutt and David Melding, AM, Chairman of the Health and Social Services Committee at the Assembly.