A working guide to mental health policy and legislation in Wales

This working guide summarises the Mental Health (Wales)Measure, the “Together for Mental Health” Strategy, and the Strategy’s DeliveryPlan. The current edition of the guide (April 2014) reflects the originaldocuments – the guide will be updated periodically to reflect updates inpolicy/legislation.

This guide has been written by Phil Thomas who began workingin mental health services in the 1970s and has held a wide variety of postsover the last 40 years. Initially involved in the delivery of services as amental health practitioner and front-line manager, he moved into commissioningin the 1990s and has held senior posts in both the NHS and Local Authorities,and across England, Scotland and Wales. He now works in the voluntary sectoradvising on mental health issues.

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·         Mental health andwellbeing in the whole population (p12)

·         People receivingprimary care services (p21)  

·         People receivingsecondary mental health services (p26)

·         Fundamental issuesfor the delivery of all services (p49)