Work & Occupation

work-and-occupation-downloadYou may choose to:

  • Work full or part-time in general employment
  • Get special support to sustain you in general employment
  • Use a specialist supported employment service
  • Use occupational therapy services
  • Be a volunteer

For people with a serious mental illness employment affords dignity and respect as well as financial independence.
The Labour Force Survey of 2003 found that although many want to work, people with serious mental illness have the lowest employment rate for any of the main groups of disabled people. However, there is support available if you want to go back to work and you have the right to work without discrimination.

As well as going into general employment independently, you could get into work with the support of friends or family or your mental health worker. You may also find work via a supported employment scheme run by a charitable or voluntary organisation.

For more information about benefits while working, go to money section of site.

Doing voluntary work can help reduce stress and depression. It may also improve your social life and your chances of getting paid work.

For more information on volunteering, read our factsheet by clicking here.

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