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Welcome to mental health wales!

This site is managed by Hafal, Wales’ leading charity for people with severe mental illness and their carers.

The aim of this site is to offer a set of useful links together with a library of information for mental health professionals, clinicians, individuals living with mental illness, families and carers.

The site is particularly concerned with serious mental illness but we hope it will be useful to others…

People working in the field of mental health or individuals with an interest may like to make our Home Page their opening page in Explorer. Shortcut buttons to facilitate this are located on the Home Page, together with shortcuts to Google, the most comprehensive search engine on the web.

The site is sponsored by AstraZeneca Limited who have provided an educational grant to develop the site. AstraZeneca plays no part in the management or editorial decisions relating to this site.

This will be a live site and it will be updated with breaking news, topical reports and publications and your comments on a frequent basis.

For additional information regarding Hafal please see our corporate site.

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