Mental Health Amending Bill moves to committee stage

Following an unopposed second reading in the House of Lords, the Mental Health Amending Bill has now moved to committee stage.

The committee will examine each clause and Schedule of the Bill, agreeing or disagreeing to a Motion that it “stand part” of the Bill (i.e. leaving it in or deleting it). The committee may also consider amendments to the Bill, and, as well as amendments to existing clauses and Schedules, new clauses and new Schedules may be added to the Bill.

So far a number of amendments have been moved in committee. To find out more go to:

What happens next with the Bill?

The Bill will now go through the following stages (with approximate times):

• Committee stage: December/January
• Report Stage/Third reading: January/February
• Amended Bill published in Lords: February/March
• 2nd reading in Lords: February/March
• Committee stage in Lords: March
• Report Stage/Third reading: March/April
• Reconciliation of texts between houses: April/May
• Royal Assent

…unless of course it fails to proceed at some stage.

Where can I find out more about the Bill?
We will be publishing regular updates on the Bill and its progress on

For further information on the Mental Health Act 1983 and the amending Bill, visit:

For further information on the Mental Health Act 1983 and the amending Bill, as well as Briefing Sheets on key policy areas, Explanatory Notes, a Regulatory Impact Assessment, a Race Equality Impact Assessment, an easy read version of the Bill and a draft revised Code of Practice go to:

If you have queries about the Bill, you can contact the Mental Health Bill Team on 020 7972 4477, or email: