New resource provides strategies for tackling depression

A new audio resource has been launched that aims to help people with depression on their road to recovery.

Produced by Depression Alliance Cymru, ‘Taking Control: Healthy Strategies for Living with Depression’ is a talking book made up of six CDs.

“Taking Control was written by people affected by depression for people affected by depression,” said a DA Cymru spokesperson.

“It is a comprehensive and holistic self-help book that deals with the causes and symptoms of depression, formal and alternative treatments, and a full range of self-help techniques. ‘Taking Control’ is about people making a conscious decision to change their lives through the development of a personalised self-help programme.”

‘Taking Control’ is available in both English and Welsh at £10 per copy, plus postage and packaging. For more information or to make an order, you can contact DA Cymru by phone on 029 2069 2891 or email at

To visit the Depression Alliance Cymru website, click here.