Would you like to share your story?

Would you like to take part in a study of what it is like to have experienced psychosis in order to help the development of a new internet resource for patients, their families and health professionals?

www.healthtalkonline.org is a website that provides access to the experiences of people who have faced particular health concerns. On the ‘healthtalkonline’ site you can watch video clips, listen to the voices or read the accounts of people explaining what it was like to have a particular illness or condition (like, for example, cancer, heart disease, depression) and how it affected them.

Taking part in the project about psychosis would involve being interviewed about your experience. Topics would include: what happened to you, what your thoughts and feelings were at different stages, how you obtained information, how you made decisions, and what the good and bad parts of the experience were. Those willing to participate can take part through a confidential interview.

One of the benefits of taking part is that health professionals will be able to learn from your story and use it to think how they can improve the care they give, making sure symptoms are recognised and treatment is started quickly. The research for the psychosis project will be gathered by the Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford.

For more information on taking part, please contact Laura Griffith, Health Experiences Research Group, Department of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford, Old Road Campus, Headington, Oxford OX3 7LF Tel:: 01865 617767 or 01865 289328 E-mail: laura.griffith@dphpc.ox.ac.uk

The healhtalkonline address is: www.healthtalkonline.org

Note: The picture adjacent to the link to this story on the mentalhealthwales homepage is of Channel 4 Presenter Jon Snow who appears on an introductory video on the healthtalkonline site.