Service users get involved in mental health research

A group of service users from the RCT area have designed their own on line survey, asking mental health service users from across the UK to give their views on where money available for research should be spent.
The aim is that the findings from this survey will be used to support service users to have a stronger say in future mental health research in Wales.

Research into mental health issues can, and often does, change the way services are provided. But research is usually done by professionals, doctors and academics, and this means they get to choose the areas that are researched. So this survey is a way for people who use mental health services to have a say in the choices made about the research done in their name.

The service user group who designed the survey are supported by researchers form the University of Glamorgan and by Interlink and New Horizons. So, if you use or have used mental health services, the group are keen to know what you think, and to hear your ideas about where research money should be spent.

Completing the on-line survey will only take a few minutes and is entirely confidential and anonymous. You can access it at: and, if you are interested in getting more involved in user-led mental health research, do contact Phil Thomas at, Helen Rees at or Christine Wilson at