“Take Control” launched at today’s ‘Movin’ On Up’ event in Newport

“Take control”, a new publication by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) produced in partnership with Bipolar UK and Hafal was launched by the Mayor of Newport, Councillor John Guy, at today’s Movin’ On Up event in Newport.

The publication focuses on the important role self-management plays in achieving recovery from serious mental illness and complements “Care and Treatment Planning: A step-by-step guide for secondary mental health service users” which was published by Hafal (in collaboration with MHF and Bipolar UK) and aims to help service users get the most from the new Care and Treatment Plans which were introduced as part of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure in June.

Commenting on “Take Control”, Mel Cook, Project Co-ordinator at the Mental Health Foundation, said: “‘Take Control’ features people with a serious mental illness who have gone on the Mental Health Foundation’s self-management course. It charts the progress they made before, during and after the course, how they became empowered during the process. It also offers advice on the eight areas in the new Care and Treatment Plans and how users can help themselves in these areas.”

‘Take Control’ aims to help service users get the most from the Mental Health (Wales) Measure, a theme discussed by service users at today’s event.

Hafal Newport service user and volunteer Lyn Cooper, who has experience of anxiety and depression, said it’s crucial that the new law is maximised by service users and professionals. “Delivery is the key to the Measure,” said Lyn. “We need it to be fully delivered so people know what kind of level of care and help they can expect to receive. It’s particularly crucial that service users’ Care and Treatment Plans are put in place so we know where we stand, what we’re working with and what’s being done to help us. Once all that’s in place then things will begin to happen!”

The aim of the “Movin’ On Up” campaign is to maximise the opportunities for recovery from serious mental illness which will be provided by “Together for Mental Health”, and the historic Mental Health (Wales) Measure. The Measure is hugely significant because it affords service users key new rights and has finally given users of secondary mental health services in Wales the legal right to a comprehensive holistic Care and Treatment Plan covering areas such as: accommodation; finance and money; and education and training.

The “Movin’ On Up” campaign is run by service users and carers and supported by mental health charities Hafal, Bipolar UK and the Mental Health Foundation. 22 weekly county events are taking place and the campaign will culminate in a climb of Wales’ highest peak, Snowdon, in September. The campaign will also feature an interactive stand on World Mental Health Day at the National Assembly.

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