Concern over mental health detentions by police in Wales

Calls have been made for a reduction in the number of people in Wales taken into police custody with mental health problems:
Hafal’s Head of National Services Penny Cram spoke about the issue on Radio Wales this morning (go to; the feature begins @ 2:07:45). 

Penny said: “Hafal completely agrees with the Royal College of Psychiatrists that a police cell or indeed a prison cell is not a therapeutic environment for anyone with a mental illness.

“If you delve deeper into the statistics obtained by the BBC you’ll see that the majority of individuals arrested under section 136 of the Mental Health Act do not then go on to be deemed suitable to be referred into mental health services. Generally these people are released back into the community with no support and no wrap-around services other than maybe a GP referral.

“Hafal is working very closely at the moment with South Wales Police, their Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner Mr Dave Francis and Cardiff and University Health Board to develop a service which identifies vulnerable people at the point of crisis or the point of arrest and immediately puts in place really important services in the community to stop that person coming back through the system again.”

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