Royal College of Psychiatrists National and Local Service User and Carer Volunteers Call

Weare seeking volunteers from Wales to join the RCPsych Service Users and CarersFora in London and the RCPsych in Wales.

Applicationsare invited from individuals who have personal experience of using mentalhealth services, or of caring for someone with mental ill health.

TheCollege has a long history of service user and carer involvement.  TheFora ensure that all College activities are informed by the experience ofservice users and carers.

Annually,the volunteers will be expected to attend 4 meetings in London and 4 meetingsin Cardiff Bay. Travel and subsistence payments will be made.

Forfurther information and an application form please contact Thomas Kennedy,specifying ‘RCPsych in Wales Service User/Carer Volunteer’, using thedetails below:   Telephone: 020 3701 2548

Closingdate for applications:  Monday 31 March 2014.