Call to patients: help us with our suicide and homicide research

The Centre for Mental Health and Risk is calling for people to provide accounts of theirexperience of mental health care – and make suggestions for topics of study.These topics may be taken forward as part of the National Confidential Inquiryinto Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness, a UK-wide study ofsuicide and homicide by people in the recent care of mental health services andthe sudden unexplained death of psychiatric in-patients.

TheInquiry is commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership onbehalf of NHS England and the equivalent funding bodies in Wales, Scotland andNorthern Ireland. Annually the Inquiry reports on national numbers and changingtrends along with key messages for improving patient safety.

TheCentre wants to hear from people who have either been in the care of mentalhealth services, or a family member or friend of someone who has received care.To take part go to:

TheInquiry has published findings this year showing that the implementation of itskey service recommendations can reduce local patient suicide.  To downloadrecent reports go to:

Based in the University of Manchester, the Centre forMental Health and Risk is an internationally recognised Centre for researchinto suicide, homicide and self-harm within the general population and withingroups known to be at higher risk of these outcomes. The Centre is also home toresearch into the impact of mental illness on families and the experience ofthose bereaved by suicide. Its  findingshave shaped the development of national policy and had wide-ranging impact onprofessional practice in health and social care settings. Find out more @