Committee publishes post-legislative scrutiny of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure

The Health and Social Service Committee at the NationalAssembly for Wales has published a report, “Post-legislative scrutiny of theMental Health (Wales) Measure”, which examines whether legislation is workingout in practice as intended, and whether it has represented value for money.

In the foreword David Rees AM, Chair of the Health andSocial Care Committee, said: “The Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 came intoforce in 2012, and it is clear that mental health services in Wales haveimproved as a result. Access to primary mental health assessment is easier,more people in receipt of secondary mental health services have care and treatmentplans, and more people are able to access independent mental health advocacy.

“However, if the aims of the Measure are to be fullyachieved, there is more work to do to ensure that there is sufficient capacitywithin mental health services. Demand for mental health services is high, and serviceusers and service providers are confused about self-referral for reassessmentunder Part 3 and access to mental health advocacy under Part 4. As a Committee,we also have serious concerns about the impact of the Measure on mental healthservices for children and young people.”

In the report the Committee presents 10 recommendationsincluding:-

·        That the Minister for Health and Social Servicesensures that the action plan for psychological therapies includes details aboutthe timescales for the completion of each action and how each action will beresourced

·        That the Minister ensures that the task andfinish group considering the form and content of care and treatment plans takesaccount of how to improve the quality of such plans

·        That, once the plan for the improvement of Childand Adolescent Mental Health Services has been published in 2015, the Ministerwrites to the Committee to provide details of the actions set out in the plan,and how they will be delivered.

Alun Thomas, Chief Executive of Welsh user and carer-ledmental health charity Hafal, said: “We welcome the report on the impact of theMental Health (Wales) Measure.

“Most people who use secondary mental health services nowhave a care and treatment plan. Some people feel more involved in the planningand delivery of their own care and treatment, although this is still notwidespread or systematic across the whole of Wales.

“The quality and usefulness of care and treatment plans isvariable across Wales, with many people having plans that are not fully focusedon recovery or centred around people achieving both short term and long termgoals/outcomes.

“We look forward to working with the Government to ensurethe Measure delivers the maximum benefit for patients across Wales.”

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