Health Minister to launch new Welsh national suicide and self-harm prevention strategy in July

Health Minister Prof. Mark Drakeford will launch a new five-year Welsh national suicide andself-harm prevention strategy, “Talk to Me 2”, at an event onThursday, July 16 at the All Nations Centre in Cardiff.

The new strategywill set out measures for reducing the suicide rate inthe general population and will “promote, coordinate and support plans andprogrammes for the prevention of suicidal behaviours and self harm viacollaborative work across statutory and Third Sector organisations”.

The strategy has six objectives:

  • awareness raising
  • responses to crisis and early intervention
  • information and support for the bereaved
  • supporting the media in responsible reporting
  • reducing access to the means of suicide
  • supporting learning information and monitoring systems to improve understanding of suicide and self harm.

The launchfollows a national consultation whichran from December 2014-February 2015. The event is aimed at people from avariety of backgrounds engaged in promoting the health and wellbeing of peoplein Wales who self-harm or are at risk of self-harm or suicide.

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