Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week starts today

The UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week commences today and will be running until the 6th May.

Run by The Perinatal Mental Health Partnership (PMHP), this is a week long campaign dedicated to talking about mental illness which occurs while women are pregnant or after childbirth. Last year, the first ever UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week was held and it was a huge success with extensive coverage across the whole of the UK.

The UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week was founded by a small group of 10 individuals, which includes women with lived experience, charity workers and health care professionals, who came together with the dream of creating an awareness campaign for maternal mental health.

This year, the theme is ‘Support For All’ and the campaign will be focusing on advocating for all families affected by Perinatal Mental Illness by helping them to access the information and help they require to enable recovery.

What’s on?

Events this week include:-

Monday 30th April – The focus of the first day of the campaign will be ‘What is Perinatal Mental Health’? There will be an overview of the different strands of perinatal mental illness and the PMHP will be running interactive Facebook Live sessions relating to the illnesses so individuals can be involved and ask questions.

Tuesday 1st May – Following on from the success of last year, they will again be focusing on ‘Support from Health Care Professionals’. There will be an interactive Facebook Live session on breastfeeding and antidepressants with pharmacist Wendy Jones, and sharing information on how to have discussions with health care professional about symptoms.

Wednesday 2nd May – This is World Maternal Mental Health Day and the Partnership has been liaising with Postpartum Support International and member organisations to ensure they work collaboratively.

Thursday 3rd May – Even though the week is geared towards maternal mental health, paternal mental illness is becoming more recognized and as such, this day will be dedicated to ‘Dads’, including a Facebook Live session with Dads in Mind.

Friday 4th May – To end the week, the focus will be on recovery. The PMHP will be encouraging the creation of a virtual ‘Positivity Pot’, publishing and sharing articles about recovery. They will also be encouraging short vlogs from mums and dads showing that recovery is possible.

Throughout the week, the PMHP will be using and will be encouraging the use of the hashtag #maternalmhmatters on social media.

For more information contact the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership:

Twitter: @PMHPuk