SafeLives launch #IsItOk? campaign and survey

Domestic abuse charity SafeLives has launched their new #IsItOk? campaign and are looking to gather the views of individuals aged 11-25 to take part in some vital research on young people’s relationships.

SafeLives has undertaken extensive work to focus on the ways in which domestic abuse affects young people and are currently working on the Verge of Harm[ing] project, exploring how and why young people begin to use harmful behaviours in their relationships.

The findings from the survey will be used to create a discovery report, which will be shared widely with practitioners and those working with this age group and will include best practice recommendations for preventative support for young people, and interventions for those already harming. These recommendations will be directly informed by the voices of young people, and by an improved understanding of those who harm.

The survey is for anyone aged 11-25, regardless of relationship experience and will explore what people in that age range think is and isn’t okay in a relationship, as well as asking for their thoughts on what support for those who harm should look like.

If you fall into this age bracket or know anyone who can help, the #IsItOk? survey is now live here.

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